Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just my luck

And it is still rolling! My bad luck span is far from over. The latest on the victim’s list is my laptop. Yes my dear laptop, with all the music, pictures, movies, and important stuff, is gone. Gone is not the most appropriate word, I should probably say broken, literally broken that is. How did it happen? Doesn’t really matter right now the fact is, I don’t have a laptop anymore. It really sucks considering that I used it a lot in my school (programming major) and to communicate with friends and family. Now the only thing that I am wondering about is what will be next? After my glasses, my hand, my foot, and now my laptop (oh and my girlfriend in between), I can’t imagine anything worse (I don’t want to imagine anything worse). I guess I just have to wait and see what happens next…ah if only I could control the future!

El Morro

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Nina louVe said...

la vie est comme ça, toute les bad lucks dans la même période... j'crois que c'est un genre de question comme si elle passait avec son air de dire : alors ! dis, ça passe ou ça casse ? tu es fort ou... tu tombe ?