Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hopeless (1)

“Where am I? What is this around my waste?” These were Hakim’s last words before his body went into pieces, killing in the process tens of innocent lives.

Hakim was born in one of the slums of Casablanca. His dad was a shoemaker who could barely afford the basic needs of his family of eight. Hakim is the eldest among his siblings. As years went by, Hakim’s father fell more and more sick and as a result Hakim had to drop out of school in order to provide for his family for whom he felt responsible. Hakim tried his hand in a lot od different little jobs but always ended either quitting or fired. Faced to this situation, he decided to take on the great journey. He decided to immigrate illegally to the other side, the other continent, the Eldorado. Hakim managed to gather the money he would need to pay the passer, the person who owns a small both that would take him to the Promised Land where in order to gather money you just have to kneel. Hakim left for Tangier where he met the passer who took him to a safe house, a kind of waiting area for illegal immigrants. Hakim always dreamed to be sitting in a waiting area but what he imagined as a kid is far from what he is now living as a responsible adult. Hakim’s concept of the waiting area was that of a VIP lounge where he could smoke his Cuban cigars while waiting for his private jet to take him from London to New York and then to Tokyo. As he was daydreaming about his fantasies, the passer showed up and told everyone that their time has come and that they would set sail very early next morning, he then proceeded to collect the money. As Hakim handed the money to the passer he felt as if he already put one foot in his dream land. He slept that night with great hope in his heart. He woke up with much anger and disgust. Disgust at himself for being such a naïve person. Disgust at himself for failing his family. What happened is that the passer turned out to be a con artist who took the money and fled…he also took with him hope out of Hakim’s heart. Hakim felt so much despair that he did not even attempt to neither look for the passer nor complain to the police. Instead he went back to his family’s house with much anger and shame. For the rest of his short life, Hakim could never look for more than a glimpse in his mother’s eyes...

To be continued

El Morro

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